Monkey wearing Christmas hat on striped candy cane pajamas

Christmas Pajamas

Giving and wearing pajamas on Christmas has become a tradition all around the world. Today babies, children, men and women all outfit themselves in PJs during the holiday season. And by far Christmas is the most popular holiday for donning this sleepwear.

Look around and find your favorite holiday pajamas. There are many styles and patterns to choose from. There is a pj for everyone whether you are 5 years old or 50. Buy a pajama set for your kids, for your grandkids, or for yourself!


Christmas Boxers – Underwear

Wear Snoopy Christmas boxers under your Christmas PajamasAnd while you are at it why not supplement your pajama gift with matching underwear or boxer shorts. There are many designs and patterns to choose from. Does your daughter like Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer? There’s Christmas underwear for her. Your son into Snoopy and Charlie Brown’s Christmas? There’s Christmas underwear for him. Or how about Santa underwear for your significant other. There’s plenty of options there too.